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    Hands by Martin Parr

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    Zhang Xiao
    Shanxi No. 75, 2007

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    Femmes Voitures Villas Argent (F.V.V.A.), a 1972 film from Burkina Faso directed and written by Moustapha Alassane.

    The film won the Prize OCAM at FESPACO - Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougo, Burkina Faso that same year.

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    "With My Girls outside our dorms, way back in the day at University of Nigeria, Nsukka.  
    To the right is one of my closest friends,Chinyere is to the left with her classic Look and Stella had just woken up and didn’t have on her make-up.”

    Styling all the way back then

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    i teared up at this picture i’m not joking

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    Nan GoldinMisty and Jimmy Paulette in a taxi, NYC, 1991, Cibachrome print on paper mounted onto board, 695 x 1015 mm. 

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